​Sacred Heart Road Safety Policy

Vision / Mission Statement

 We are committed to providing quality education and creating a welcoming environment. We celebrate our faith, our achievement and our multiculturalism. We value the dignity of each person and the home and school partnership.


      Road crashes are the major cause of accidental death of young children and adolescents in New South Wales. The safety of all is if utmost concern therefore schools have the major responsibility for the education of students. Education can be an effective means of influencing the development of positive attitudes and safe behaviours in children and adolescents.


        The Road Safety Education Program is a program designed to develop   knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of safe road use.


        To provide a Road Safety Education Program that will address the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values relating to road use.

      For the school community to work to reduce road trauma through a quality education program.


 1.    Planning and Procedures

      Sacred Heart will provide a comprehensive and integrated road safety program that will meet the needs of our students. The program will focus on the Key Learning Area (KLA) of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. We will also identify other appropriate KLA’s where road safety education can be included.

      Sacred Heart will take into consideration the education needs and developmental stage of the students

      When designing our Road Safety Education Program we will take into consideration the local environment and actively seek to involve the community in improving road safety in the local area.

      In developing the Sacred Heart Road Safety Education Program we will actively seek parental and community participation and support.


In accordance with the Sacred Heart Review and Development Cycle this policy will be reviewed in Term 4 2016


Sacred Heart Westmead – Road Safety Management Issues

Management Issues

Operational Procedures in Place

Outside the School Boundary

1. Pedestrian Movement

Students departing school grounds have two exits leading to Ralph Street, which takes the students to the front of the school. The top gate is for pedestrians and the bottom gate is used for the operation of the Kiss ‘n’ Drop zone.

There is one teacher on duty in the pick up area to make sure students are safe and only leave the pick up area when parents have arrived after the 3:10pm finish bell.

 Students moving on mass at the conclusion of the school day are encouraged to use footpaths and not run on the footpath. 

2. Bus Zone

There are no bus zones in the School zone area. Students only board a bus for excursion purposes.

There is a mini bus that picks up a couple of children. The bus utilises the normal Kiss ‘n’ Drop zone. 

3. Bus travel and Safety

Students who travel on buses for excursions line up before boarding the bus. 

Students are instructed on bus safety. 

Teacher directs one student at a time to board bus. Buses are not boarded unless the bus driver is in his seat. 

4. Parent delivery and collection of students

There is one main area for students who are being collected by parents/carers. The top concrete area is located at the front of the administration block. 

Students being picked up by parents sit in two lines with the teacher on duty in the pick up area (undercroft). Students have permission to leave on the ringing of the 2nd bell at 3.10pm and leave via the top gate. 

Students using the Kiss & Drop facility of an afternoon need to sit in the undercroft area with their class until their name is called, proceed to the bottom gate near the presbytery to be supervised getting into their car by the teacher on duty. 

Parents double parked to pick students up from the Kiss ‘n’ Drop zone will be asked to drive around the block to prevent congestion on Hawkesbury Road. 

Teachers on duty will wear a fluro vest for easy identification. 

Students being delivered to school in the morning either walk along the footpath of Ralph St and enter the 2 main gates or alight from their cars at Kiss ‘n’ Drop and proceed along the footpath and into the school grounds. 

Parents are encouraged to comply with legal requirements at all times. 

5. School deliveries

Delivery vehicles are encouraged to drive to the front of the school and park in the allocated spaces, and then proceed through the main entrance of the school to the office for further instruction. 

No vehicles are permitted on school ground during school hours unless prior arrangement and proper supervision is provided for vehicle entering / exiting school ground.


School Sporting Events

1. Travel to and from venues

When students travel to and from sporting venues by bus, safe bus travel procedures as above apply. This only occurs for sportng events such as gala days, swim program and swimming carnival. 

A registered bus company is used.


1. Travel to and from venues

Students travel to and from excursion venues by bus or parish bus.

Safe bus travel procedures as above apply. 

When using the parish bus the following safeguards are put into place;

a. License, registration, insurance papers of volunteer drivers are requested and kept on file. 

b. The number of students is restricted to the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle. 

c. Students are reminded to correctly use seat belts and to act safely while in the car. 

d. Students are lined up in a traffic free area and escorted by an adult to the vehicle. 

e. A designated assembly area at the destination is pre-organised.


2. Travel during excursion time

See relevant ‘Risk Assessment’




Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).