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Time Capsule Ceremony CSW 2015
On Friday 12th March, to culminate our celebrations of CSW we buried items in a time capsule that will remain untouched for 50 years. We preserved items scuh as a letter from Miss Harb to the future principal, a letter from Mrs Yanz and Mrs Roberts to future teachers, A letter from our parent representatives Mrs Jeffries and Mrs Bejjani to future parents, students thoughts about schooling today and their hopes for the future, photos of school life and our aspirations for the future of the Sacred Heart Community. We pray that our community will continue to thrive and be a refelction of the hearts and hands of Jesus. We wish the community of Sacred Heart Westmead all the best for the next 50 year and many more there after !!
37 Items
Miss Harb's Principal Commissioning
March 19 we celebrated the commissioning of our wonderful Principal Miss Harb at the CEO education mass. A very big congratulations Miss Harb!
2 Items
Swimming and Cross Country Age Champions 2015
Students this afternoon were acknowledged for their participation in our School Swimming Carnival and Cross Country with the age champions of both events receiving trophies. Our swimming champs who made it to the Cumberland Zone event received a certificate for their participation. Congratulations to all our students.
5 Items
2015 Cross Country Carnival
MJ Bennett Reserve- Wednesday 11th March 2015
12 Items
Catholic Schools Week Celebrations 2015
Sacred Heart began Catholic Schools Week celebrations with a Liturgy, a family picnic and classroom visits
69 Items
Stage 3: 'What's The Matter? Solid, Liquids and Gases
Stage 3 have been using their senses to investigate different types of solids and liquids that can be found around the home.
13 Items
Stage 1 Excursion to Penrith Lakes- February 2015
On Wednesday 25th February 2015, Stage One went on their excursion to Penrith Lakes. When we arrived, we met our excellent guides for the day. Miss Gorgeous and Miss Joyful took Year One to the lake, where they went fishing for insects and sea creatures. Mr Clever took Year Two on a search for types of leaves and insects that live in trees. What we enjoyed the most: I liked it when I caught two fish in just one net. I even felt the water and it felt great! - Maya Byrnes (Year One). We got to see Mr Clever’s pet, it was a camel. The camel’s name was Charlie. I liked that part of the excursion the best! - Darshan Jambagi (Year One) I loved it when we got to see the insects and sea life that Year One caught on the big screen. This was so exciting! - Mary Rose (Year Two) The best part of the excursion was when we went to look for insects in the trees. We also had to look for the leaves and match them to the pictures on our worksheets. I learnt so much. – Matthew Sakr (Year Two)
1 Items
Parramatta Eels Community Visit 2015
On Monday our students participated in the National Rugby League Community Carnival. Reece Robinson and Bureta Faraimo from the Parramatta Eels visited the school and reinforced to the children the importance of physical education and healthy eating. We raised $241 for Project Compassion. Thank you for your donations.
14 Items
Ash Wednesday Mass 2015
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. We know that Lent is a special time when we spend time in prayer and do good works for others so we can better prepare for Easter. During this first week of Lent Year 4 have been talking about how we prepare for Easter. We spent time writing our own Lenten promises. We pray that God will give us the grace to pray well and do good works without wanting to be noticed in these coming weeks of Lent.
16 Items
Kindergarten's First Day 2015
The Kindergarten children have had a wonderful start to school. We have lots of happy faces as we walk into class-children, teachers and parents too! Kindergarten have been playing together and making new friends in the classroom and on the playground. We have been practising writing our names, drawing pictures and we have even started writing some of the sounds we know! We enjoyed going to the library for the first time and borrowing two books to share with our family. Gymnastics was so much fun and it resulted in big smiles and brave attitudes. Kindergarten have been practising singing songs for our Mass and we have been learning how to make the Sign of the Cross. Even though we are a little tired at the end of the day, we are always excited to come back to school the next day!
5 Items
Stage 3 Girls Soccer Gala Day 2014
On Tuesday 17th June our Stage 3 girls competed in the Soccer Gala Day Comp. Our Year 6 Girls came second in their pool and the Year Five girls came fourth in their pool. Well done girls!
17 Items
Pyjama Day 2014
Pyjama Day
15 Items
Parramatta Eels Community Visit 2014
Parramatta Eels visit Sacred Heart
7 Items
2014 Easter Liturgy
Celebrating Easter at Sacred Heart
59 Items
2014 Cross Country
School Cross Country Carnival
66 Items
Kinder Buddy's 2014
New Kindergarten students 2014 with their year 6 Buddy's
40 Items
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