Vision & Mission

Our Vision Statement

Sacred Heart Primary, Westmead, is a Catholic school where each individual is respected and nurtured to achieve their potential, within a changing and challenging educational environment.

Each member of our community is empowered with a sense of hope for the future.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Sacred Heart Primary is to nurture individuals within a positive Catholic community.

We are committed to:

  • providing quality education
  • creating a welcoming environment.
  • nurturing all individuals

We celebrate:

  • our faith
  • our achievements
  • our multiculturalism

We value:

  • the dignity of each person
  • the home/school partnership
  • the individuality of each person

Our Belief Statements

Sacred Heart Primary School, Westmead is on a journey of school transformation. We are creating a culture of ‘deep learning’ that is profound, empowering and continually emerging. The pedagogical framework underpins student and staff engagement, interactions and learning.

The 4 pillars (Catholic Faith, Kagan Cooperative Learning, 4Cs and the Learning Disposition Wheel) are mutually dependent and are a holistic approach to learning. Our aim is to foster curiosity, spark the imagination, develop agency and the dispositions for life-long learning. 


We believe:

  • successful learners are led by effective teachers who are professional, ethical and focused on the learning needs of each student
  • each person is valued and must be treated with respect
  • staff should be co-operative, collegial and collaborative

Learning and Teaching

We believe:

  • in a Deep Connected Learning (DCL) approach we aim to develop self-directed learners with the 4C Capabilities of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical reflection. 
  • assessment drives teaching and learning
  • learners can take responsibility for their own actions and choices
  • teachers provide structured experiences using the constructivist approach of the to, with, by model
  • cooperative learning creates strong interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships
  • learning happens when it is child-centred and when learners are engaged and have a voice
  • teachers provide learning experiences to cater for all learning needs


We believe:

  • students should respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person
  • students learn through their preferred learning style and at their own developmental level
  • students should develop a love of learning – relating, choosing and thinking as independent learners